How Should You Handle Payday Loan Debt When Not Employed?

Payday loans are small amounts of financing provided for the short-term. People who are in dire financial situations often use these loans to pay emergency expenses. Others use them to cover daily living costs, sometimes sinking themselves into pits of debt. Those who struggle to pay bills when employed find themselves in much more serious … Read more

What Will Happen If Payday Loan And Overdraft Debt Is Not Repaid

A payday loan is a short-term loan of usually no more than £1,500 to £2,000. Available online and from payday lending stores, this financing is relatively easy to obtain because it typically does not involve a credit check. However, interest rates of hundreds or even thousands of percent make this very expensive borrowing. Overdrafts can … Read more

Payday Loan Critics Being Targeted

The Consumer Finance Association (CFA) is an industry trade body that has received numerous political complaints regarding payday lender practices. In response, it recently published a study that depicts politicians as lacking knowledge of payday loan benefits. The study also claims that these lawmakers do not have their fingers on the pulse of the payday … Read more