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How Can Citizens Advice Bureau Help Me With Debt?

by on October 2, 2012

in Debt Help

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When UK residents find themselves in debt, there are several free resources they can utilize and Citizens Advice Bureau, abbreviated CAB, is one. Through its network of centers located throughout the UK, CAB provides advice on debt, consumer issues, health, housing, and much more. Whether they reside in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, or Cymru, people can get the information they need online or from their local CAB office without having to pay for it.

Finances have become a problem for many people and CAB provides help with debt including assistance with handling urgent debts. A visit to the CAB website reveals information about borrowing money, handling mortgage problems or rent arrears, and what actions creditors are permitted to take when consumers fall behind with payments. The CAB even provides information about pensions, banking, savings, insurance, and the role of bailiffs in the debt collection process.

An online budgeting tool is available, making it easy for a consumer to create a household budget or determine the amount of money available to repay non-priority debts like loans, overdrafts, and credit card bills. The resulting financial statement can be provided to creditors during repayment negotiations. Consumers who find themselves on the receiving end of calls or letters from non-priority creditors can use the sample letter templates to inform these creditors of their financial situations and request repayment plans. This correspondence addresses the issues in a way that protects the rights of the consumers.

The Money Advice Service works in conjunction with the CAB to supply a financial health-check to residents of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. Consumers can visit the Money Advice Service website to learn whether their finances are considered healthy and receive tips to live a smart financial lifestyle. This is a free and easy way to keep finances from falling into poor condition. Preventing debt is one of the best ways to live a good financial life.

This agency offers fact sheets regarding various topics pertaining to debt and money. Consumers read these to learn more about income tax, child support, maintenance arrears, bankruptcy, and how to deal with creditors. Fact sheets even cover detailed subjects like what happens when a consumer is taken to court for money owed and how county court judgments affect credit rating.

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The help with debt fact sheet is particularly useful to consumers in debt. It provides a step-by-step process to get finances back under control. Debt advisers at CAB are available to provide guidance regarding the best ways to handle debt. These may include using debt management plans, debt consolidation loans, or Individual Voluntary Arrangements.

CAB is a confidential, free, and independent service used by more than two million people each year. Approximately 21,500 people volunteer at more than 3,500 UK locations to help others with issues like getting out of debt. CAB offices are found in community centers, courts, high streets, surgeries, and many more locations. Many residents also benefit from the various CAB campaigns for improved policies throughout the UK.

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