Best Ways To Save Money On A Winter Ski Holiday

Cold winds may blow during winter but this is the perfect excuse for a ski holiday. If the budget is tight, rest assured that you can enjoy winter away from home without freezing the bank account. By following a few simple tips, even winter sports lovers can save money while shooshing down the slopes. Let Old Man Winter huff and puff…he will not blow money out of your savings!

Between the clothing and gear, winter sports come at a price. Take inventory of clothes and look for needed items on sale. During the holiday shopping season, it should not be difficult to find some bargains. Comparison-shop online to get the best deals without leaving home. Budget a maximum for equipment like skis and snow boots and be sure not to exceed it. Friends or family members may have unused gear to lend or even give.

Keep an eye on the news for economic indicators regarding the best times to travel. Going skiing the week before Christmas is a nice way to begin the season and puts less pinch on the wallet. Skiers can save hundreds of pounds and still get quality time on the slopes. Accommodations play a major role in price and when skiing the hugest slopes, staying at a small satellite resort will save money.

Review the Resort Price Index in the Where to Ski & Snowboard 2013 Guide to find resorts in your price range. However, do not let price be the deciding factor because accommodation quality is also important.

Strength In Numbers..

Traveling with a large group can be a bigger bargain because many providers offer group discounts. Use flight search engines to find inexpensive flights and consider baggage costs when determining what to pack. For example, if ski boots exceed the baggage allowance, it may be cheaper to rent them at the destination. When traveling to the departure airport, pile the group into one car and look for a reasonable parking fee.

Consider Other Travel Options

Do not assume that air travel is the least expensive, especially when children and ski baggage are involved. Eurostar travels from London to Bourg-St-Maurice, Aime La Plange, and Moutiers and does not charge for a child under age four who sits on an adult lap. In addition, skis are included in the baggage allowance. This can save a traveling family of skiers substantial money.

To save money on meals, do your own catering. Self and flexible catering has become increasingly popular and some resorts offer several flexible catering options. An all-inclusive holiday is an alternative that provides an up-front cost for all charges. This makes budgeting much easier and may even include childcare and packed lunches for the slopes.

When trying to keep costs low, do not overlook the value of ski insurance. Medical treatment for skiing accidents can be very expensive. Review insurance policies and read the small print to see if off-piste skiing and other recreational snow activities are included. Follow these tips and a winter ski holiday will not take a bite out of your budget!