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Hull Debt Statistics

The 2001 Census conducted by the Office of National Statistics reported a population of 253,400 in Hull.

An adjustment was made in 2004, changing the figure to 248,000. The percentage of males and females residing in Hull was relatively close at that time, with slightly more females (51.09 percent).

Advice Center

Residents of Hull may contact this local Advice Center for a consultation regarding community care, benefits, debt, employment, education, housing, immigration, and family matters:

Hull Community Legal Advice Center

Essex House

Manor Street

Hull HU1 1YU

01482 317 420

Citizens Advice Bureau

To provide customers with reliable, debt advice, our company collaborates with the Citizens Advice Bureau located in Hull:

Hull Citizens Advice Bureau

2 Charlotte Mews

Hull, HU 1 3BQ

0148 222 4608

Hull City Council

Hull City Council provides assistance with a variety of issues, particularly those related to housing and benefits entitlement:

Hull City Council


Hull, HU1 2AA

01482 300 300

Supporting People:

Supporting People is a national program designed to help local vulnerable citizens avoid housing-related crises and prevent them from overspending to reach issue resolution. It was created in April 2003, following the consolidation of several funding streams. Prior to that time, housing benefits were used to pay for this type of support.

Supporting People Team

Hull City Council

3rd Floor Stonefield House

16-20 King Edward Street



Tel: 01482 300 300

Fax: 01482 331 056

Textphone: 01482 300 349