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Manchester Debt Statistics

According to the Office for National Statistics, the 2002 population in Manchester was 422,300, which was a small increase from the 2001 statistic of 418,600.

Citizens Advice Bureau

To provide customers with reliable, debt advice, our company collaborates with the Citizens Advice Bureaus located in the Manchester area.

The main office for Manchester region: Citizens Advice Bureau 0161 8 349 057 or

Local offices:

Beswick CAB

The Bungalow

187 Grey Mare Lane


M11 3ND

0161 220 7274

Ben Brierley CAB

322 Moston Lane Moston,

M40 9WB

08444 111 222

Hulme CAB

Claremount Resource Centre

Rolls Crescent,

M15 5FS

08444 111 222

Longsight CAB

384 Dickenson Road


M13 0WQ

08444 111 222

Manchester CAB Debt Service

20 Swan Street


M4 5JW

08444 111 222

Wythenshawe CAB

16 Rowlandsway


M22 5RG

Local Centers Local centres in Central, North, and South Manchester offer community support:

Central Manchester Claremount Resource Center

Rolls Crescent Hulme,

M15 5FS

0161 226 3420

Hillside Resource Centre

Rudcroft Close

M13 9XT

0161 273 2016

Openshaw Resource Centre

Catherine Street

M11 1WF

0161 301 1480

North Manchester Broadmoss Resource Centre

Broadmoss Drive

M9 7HP

0161 740 9005

Heathfield Resource Centre

Heathfield Street

M40 1LF

0161 688 0560

Whitemoss Resource Centre

Benmore Road


M9 6LD

0161 740 7704

South Manchester Hall Lane Resource Centre

159 Hall Lane

M23 1WD

0161 945 7609

Millhouse Resource Centre

Nathans Road


M22 9GH

0161 498 9773

Minehead Resource Centre

Minehead Avenue

M20 1FW

0161 466 2551

Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council provides assistance with a variety of issues, particularly those related to housing and benefits entitlement:

Manchester City Council

Town Hall

Albert Square


M60 2LA

Manchester City Council offers the following hotlines:

Adult & Children’s Services 0161 234 5001

Council Tax 0161 234 5002

Benefits 0161 234 5003

Environmental Services 0161 234 5004

Manchester Registration Service 0161 234 5005

Payments 0161 234 5006

Library renewals 0161 234 5007

Manchester University Student Support Center

The Manchester University Student Support Center provides information regarding the Access to Learning Fund.

Full and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students who are struggling to meet financial responsibilities can apply for this government-supported fund, previously called the Hardship Fund:

+44 (0) 161 275 5000 email: