Should I Use My Pension Contributions To Repay High Interest Debts?

Pensions are designed as savings for the retirement years but many UK residents are finding it difficult to maintain them. High-interest debts like payday loans can become substantial if unpaid for a long period. You could use your pension contributions to repay high interest debts as lump sum full and final settlement. Are you drawing … Read more

Disposable Income On The Decline In UK

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) released data last week confirming that disposable income is declining for the average adult in the UK and recently fell to its 2003 level. Disposable income is measured as cash available after-tax payments are made. The ONS also measures real actual income per person, adjusted for inflation. This figure … Read more

Impact Of Pension Auto-Enrollment On Debt Management Plans

There is major concern about the future of the UK pension program and the government has taken action. According to new regulations, employers will auto-enrol many UK residents in pension schemes. By October 2014, approximately ten million people will find pension contributions automatically deducted from their salary. If you have started a new job or … Read more

Handling Debts To Increase Retirement Savings

The importance of saving for retirement is stressed to us from an early age. We hear horror stories of retirees who must return to the workforce because they do not have enough money to survive. Other elderly people sacrifice to the point of not eating or turning on their heat, which has health consequences as … Read more