Saving Money While Using Loans

As of November 2012, there was £1419.7 billion in outstanding lending to UK individuals. The twelve-month growth rate in lending to individuals was 0.5 percent. The rate on outstanding unsecured personal loans was 7.71 percent and for a new, unsecured personal loan, it was 6.97 percent. Though this pales in comparison to the 8,000-percent rate … Read more

Save Money On Gas And Electricity, Starting Today

Electricity and gas prices vary across the UK, which means a cheap deal advertised in the media may not be available everywhere. The best way to find the cheapest prices on gas and electricity is to do an energy price comparison. According to Energyhelpline, an energy comparison service, there is an £80 annual energy cost … Read more

Writing Off Debt And The Options Available To You

Even in this restricted lending environment, it is much easier to accumulate debt than it is to repay it. At the end of February 2012, the amount of personal debt outstanding in the UK was a mind-boggling £1.457 trillion. This translates to an average of £29,671 owed per UK adult, which is equivalent to 123 … Read more

Debt Help in Scotland A Guide To Available Solutions

Residents of Scotland have several debt management solutions available to them. A Debt Management Plan (DMP), a Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS), Trust Deeds, and bankruptcy are the most popular options. Scottish residents should read more about these on our site and then contact us. We will help identify the best solution and get consumers on … Read more

Debt Arrangement Schemes DAS A Concise Guide

Residents of Scotland who are struggling with debt but have the ability to repay it should consider a Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS). Put into force in 2004, amended in 2007, and reorganized in 2011, this debt management tool is administered by the Scottish government and enables residents to establish a Debt Payment Program (DPP) to … Read more

Credit Card Debt A Concise Guide

Every day during January 2018, 27.5 million plastic card purchase transactions took place in the UK, totalling £1.361 billion. This equates to an average of 319 debit and credit card purchases every second. In February 2018 alone, the average UK adult borrowed £4,235. This figure included unsecured loans, overdrafts, retail and motor finance, and credit … Read more

Professional Debt Management Advice Makes A Difference

When people are in debt, they usually have one of two perspectives. Some feel the issue is insignificant and they ignore it. Others become overwhelmed because they believe they will never get out of the situation and they become paralyzed with fear. In both cases, the result is often a failure to take action. Debt … Read more

The Debt Management Plan – How to Get One

There are different ways to create a debt management plan and each has its positive and negative aspects. Consumers who wish to reduce the costs involved usually create their own plan. This involves developing a monthly budget to live within going forward. Outstanding debts are listed and ordered by interest rate, from highest to lowest. … Read more

Credit Counseling And Debt Management Guide

Resources For Debt Management Credit Counseling When you need debt management, credit counselling can help. If you are in debt, it is important to resolve the issue, regardless of how much you owe. Some people find themselves continuously spending more than they earn. Others are able to pay their expenses most of the time, only … Read more

The Importance Of Consumer Debt Management Guide

Avoiding Over-Commitment Is The First Step In Consumer Debt Management It is just as important for consumers to manage debt as it is for businesses. Allowing debt to pile up will only make the situation worse. A day only has 24 hours and people cannot work all of them every day to earn more money … Read more

Debt Assistance and Consolidation for Payday Loans

A payday loan is a relatively new type of financing that has become increasingly popular. People who do not have enough money to cover their expenses each month use this short-term financing to cover the gap. Unexpected expenses and low income are two reasons for using payday loans. Unfortunately, this debt can become unmanageable if … Read more

A Guide To Government Debt Management Plans

Whether you have credit card invoices, loans, bank overdrafts, or excessive daily bills, there is a government debt management plan for you. The UK government has created several plans to help the increasing number of residents who are finding themselves in debt. Depending on the types and amount of debt they have, UK consumers may … Read more

Establishing A Debt Management Program Guide

It is much easier to get into debt than get out of it. People can spend money day and night but when it comes to paying the bills, there may not be enough funds. As bills and loan payments become late and go into arrears, they are classified as debt. Establishing a debt management program … Read more

Professional Debt Management Advice A Guide

When people are in debt, they usually have one of two perspectives. Some feel the issue is insignificant and they ignore it. Others become overwhelmed because they believe they will never get out of the situation and they become paralyzed with fear. In both cases, the result is often a failure to take action. Debt … Read more

Finding And Getting Debt Management Help

People rarely feel more alone than when they are in debt. They believe that no one will understand their financial crisis, which leads to feelings of frustration, anger, and even hopelessness. These individuals should realize that many organizations offer debt management help to residents of the UK. Some of these services are free and not … Read more

A Guide To Charging Orders And The Process

Charging Orders Explained A court places an order called a charging order upon the land or home owned by a debtor. This order is placed for the amount owed to an entity that provided unsecured credit that was not repaid as agreed. When the debtor sells the property, the unsecured debt must be repaid before … Read more

A Guide To County Court Judgment Or CCJs

If you are struggling with debt, you may receive a County Court Judgment, abbreviated CCJ. Receiving a Claim Form/Court Summons for a CCJ can be nerve-wracking and scary. Our debt management experts will provide you quick, professional advice at no charge. This information will help you begin managing your debt, regardless of its size. The … Read more

A Guide To Business Insolvency In The UK

Managing cash flow is a challenge for most businesses. Under perfect conditions, money received from customers as payment for products or services is used to promptly repay creditors. If you are UK sole trader, director of a limited company or self-employed and are struggling with personal or business debts contact us and we can guide … Read more

A Debt Management Plan Vs Bankruptcy

What Is A Debt Management Plan And Who Qualifies? Many people panic when they get into debt but too few of them address the situation. Before they know it, interest charges and late fees have accrued. Having the utilities disconnected or even losing the home becomes a real possibility. By comparing a debt management plan … Read more

Debt Management Plan Pros And Cons Revealed

Residents of the UK have several debt management plans available to them. These range from informal arrangements with creditors to formal programs like Individual Voluntary Arrangements and bankruptcy. Each plan is designed for a different situation and each has positive and negative aspects. Review the debt management plans pros and cons below to identify which … Read more

Bailiffs Debt Collection And Harassment

Harassment During Debt Collection Though debt collection sometimes becomes necessary, there are legal guidelines regarding acceptable behaviour. Several laws address the topic of creditor harassment of debtors and widely recognized guidelines detail creditor behaviour that is considered unacceptable. Consumers should familiarize themselves with this information so they know when they are being treated unfairly. Are … Read more