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Debt Management Plans For UK People

Rising prices and limited incomes have caused many UK consumers to fall into debt, even when they make every effort to prevent this from happening.

The strategies that allow people to resolve their financial issues are categorized as debt management. UK consumers who are falling behind with paying their bills should make debt management a priority.

The best time to get debt under control is before it becomes unmanageable. Experts recommend that consumers implement a debt management plan as soon as they begin falling behind on their bills.

Our company provides debt management services and quotes for UK consumers with any level of debt.

Our Company - How We Can Help You

While many services offer informal debt management programs, very few offer formal plans. We are proud to be an organization that provides numerous formal debt management plans for UK consumers with large amounts of debt.

This enables us to help not only consumers who are sliding down the slippery financial slope into debt but also those who are watching debt pile up around them and becoming more desperate by the minute.

After reading the information above, you realize how many different programs there are in the UK alone. For someone with little to no previous experience with this topic, merely reviewing the options can be overwhelming. Were you required to make a decision on your own, you would probably be ready to give up and just let debt overtake you. We are here to make sure that does not happen, as our goal is to help you get on solid financial ground as quickly as possible.

Whether the debt is small enough to be addressed through creditor repayment negotiations or requires a more aggressive tactic, our company can handle it. While a large amount of debt may be overwhelming to those facing it, our experts are used to handling these figures and coming up with the most effective solutions. Over our years of experience, we have seen it all and this exposure benefits you, our potential customer. In some cases, a combination of approaches may be required. A less experienced company is often not skilled in developing such a multi-faceted debt management plan. This results in consumers overpaying for their debts and taking longer to free themselves financially. The goal of our company is to help you eliminate debt in the most efficient manner and prevent it from reoccurring.

No one hopes that an IVA or bankruptcy is in the future but if one of these is the only option, our company can provide assistance. These formal solutions are more complex than other methods of consolidating debt. A licensed Insolvency Practitioner (IP) is the only individual who can establish an IVA and only this person or an Official Receiver can serve as a trustee in bankruptcy. We match you with these qualified individuals, saving you the work.

Whether you know which debt management solutions are right for you or are exploring your options, contacting our company should be your first step. We will help you from start to finish, streamlining the processes of consolidating and eliminating debt. Being under financial strain is difficult and we want to reduce the stress involved while getting our customers back on their feet financially.

The most experienced DM company is staffed with professionals who provide accurate information and guide those in debt to the most effective solutions. This describes our company perfectly and our customer service team is available when you need us. Explore our website to learn more about managing your debt and then contact us to learn how we can help.

Types of Debt Management Plans

In the UK, Debt Negotiation, Debt Consolidation, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), and Bankruptcy are the main types of debt management programs.

In a debt negotiation arrangement, the debtor makes arrangements with creditors directly. A debt management company is often not used, allowing the individual to avoid paying any fees. Though this process requires diligence on the part of the debtor, the individual may only have to repay 30 to 70 percent of the debt. A third party can be used and may be able to negotiate an even smaller repayment, but this is partially offset by the fee charged.

Debt consolidation involves assistance from a debt management company. The company helps the individual develop a debt management plan to repay outstanding balances. An experienced professional negotiates lower interest rates from creditors, reducing the total payment due. With a debt consolidation arrangement, a single monthly debt payment is made to the company providing assistance. This company then allocates the proper amount of money to each creditor.

This arrangement is similar to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, or IVA. It is often the choice of individuals who do not want to directly interact with creditors. UK consumers who are interested in debt consolidation should use a debt solution calculator to find out if they are eligible. They should then contact one of the recommended companies to learn more about the process it uses, as there are subtle differences from one organization to the next.

A debt consolidation loan is similar to debt consolidation because it combines all debt and reduces the number of monthly payments that must be made. The difference with this debt management plan is that it involves taking a loan to repay the total amount outstanding. This loan carries an interest rate that increases the total repayment amount. When home equity is used as collateral for a debt consolidation loan, the interest rate is reduced. This is an easy way to lower the repayment, but not everyone is comfortable with releasing equity in the home.

An IVA is a governmental program. It involves a legally binding agreement for the repayment of a reduced amount of debt and the write-off of remaining qualified debts. The rigid structure of this repayment program is often a deterrent, which makes it important to seek assistance from a debt management company. Bankruptcy is a last-resort solution to debt issues and a professional can advise when it is recommended.

Though not a program for handling debt,debt management counseling plays a role in each of the approaches above. An experienced professional reviews the financial situation of the individual, the amount and types of outstanding debt, and repayment ability. Recommendations are based on these factors and may include any or a combination of the three solutions mentioned above.

UK residents who see their bills piling up should learn more about the types of debt management plans and decide which one is right for them. The sooner they take action to reduce their debt, the better. Many are able to become debt-free within just one year by following the advice of someone skilled in managing debt.

Debt Management Services - How Do They Work?

Some UK consumers avoid dealing with debt management services because they are not familiar with how these companies work. There is no big secret to the operations of the best organizations because complete details are provided on the company website. If it appears that the company is too good to be true or is hiding something, it probably is.

Debt management services are middle parties that assist with the development of a DMP. After assessing the debt situation of the consumer, they recommend one or more solutions. Negotiating debt to a percentage of the original balance is one resolution they may propose. Though debtors can do this themselves, it is often time-consuming and someone more experienced can usually negotiate a better deal. Once the arrangements are in place, consumers make their repayments in the same manner as before, paying the revised monthly amounts.

A debt management company may alternatively propose a debt consolidation plan. This solution is suitable for individuals who have the money to repay outstanding balances but could benefit from a longer repayment period. By negotiating a reduction in interest rates on outstanding debt, the company reduces the overall repayment required. Consumers have the option of taking longer to repay their outstanding balances, though this will accrue additional interest, albeit at a lower rate than initially charged.

With this arrangement, debts are also combined into one. The debtor makes one monthly payment, issuing it to the debt management company, which divides the payment appropriately among creditors and forwards the money to each one. This makes things much easier on the individual owing the money because there is only one payment date, amount, and payee to remember. The chance that a payment will be skipped decreases, allowing the debtor to eliminate late charges and additional interest accrual.

Services include debt consolidation loans in the recommended solutions for some debtors. Like a consolidation program, this aggregates the debt, creating only one payment. A loan is then taken to repay the total debt amount. The consumer is then responsible for repaying this loan principal plus interest. This solution removes the debt from the credit record but adds a loan. Therefore, it is important that the debtor make the minimum required loan payment on time each month.

A reputable debt solutions provider does not merely provide these solutions and then walk away. It discusses the pros and cons of each one with the consumer. It also provides additional debt management counseling that includes developing a budget and offering tips to avoid getting into debt in the future. Company representatives know that providing excellent service is the best way to become a go-to solution for others in debt.

Whether they want an informal debt management plan, a debt consolidation program, or a consolidation loan, consumers should review the debt management services that operate in the UK. By finding one with an excellent record of accomplishment that matches them with the most cost-effective solutions, UK consumers get themselves on the correct financial path. Any company that is less than forthcoming with its process should be avoided.

Dealing With The Burden Of Personal Debt

Each year, hundreds of thousands of UK consumers take advantage of free and paid management services. The UK Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) alone reports placing more than 100,000 UK residents on a debt management plan each year.

There are several charity groups like the CCCS that provide free help to consumers in debt. Services provided online and over the telephone include personalized advice from experienced debt counselors and a personal budget for future use. Consumers can access services tailored to their situation without even providing their name. Resources like this are helpful for consumers who have a small amount of debt because there is no fee involved and the individual need not offer any identifying information.

Those who are already in over their heads often require more aggressive debt management solutions. Financial problems may not be resolved without taking a consolidation loan, entering an IVA, or in the worst-case scenario, filing for bankruptcy. Before pursing any of these options, the consumer should contact a debt management company. Experts will review the financial standing and debt situation of the individual and recommend the best solution.

Effort is required to make debt go away. Ignoring bills that are piling up only makes the situation worse. When debt rears its ugly head, quick action is required to prevent it from becoming a monkey on your back. By consulting with a professional and implementing a program to get debt under control and repaid as quickly as possible, financial stresses subside. Getting advice from someone more experienced is the best way to resolve a debt issue.

A debt management plan is usually not an official agreement. As such, it is much less intrusive on the lifestyle than either an IVA or a bankruptcy. In addition, creditors often prefer this to other debt management solutions. If the consumer files for bankruptcy, the creditor may not receive a repayment. If an IVA is entered into, the arranger charges a fee represented by a percentage of the money owed. Though a plan for managing debt is informal, it is usually the best option for both creditors and the debtor.

One important thing to realize is that managing debt is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each consumer has a different amount and type of debt. In addition, each individual has different monthly bills that compete with repayment of this debt and a different income figure. This makes each debt solution unique and debt solutions companies with industry experience understand this. They spend the time to tailor the solution to the issue, more than earning the fee they charge.

Consumers should take debt management just as seriously because this creates the best results. They should learn about the different solutions available and take expert advice into account when determining which one is best for their situation. When the best debt management company and the correct program combine, the result is quick financial relief.

The Debt Management Plan - How to Get One

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is a way for you to reach an informal agreement with your creditors, if you are unable to meet your contractual obligations to them.

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An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) was introduced by the UK Government as an alternative to Bankuptcy. It is a legally binding contract between you and your creditors.

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Debt Consolidation

A Debt Consolidation Loan enables you to combine all of your debts, under one loan, usually done to secure a lower interest rate, resulting in lower monthly payments.

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Bankruptcy should be viewed as the last resort, and may not be necessary in many cases. Most people in debt opt for a debt repayment plan instead.

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Debt Advice

Our FREEPHONE helpline is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday. Give us a call or fill in the form above, so someone can give you a call.

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Trust Deeds

Specifically for residents of Scotland, a Trust Deed works in the same way as an IVA, allowing Scottish residents who are struggling financially, to manage their debts in a more realistic timeframe.

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